Potter County Sheriff's Office

Gettysburg, South Dakota

Potter County Sheriff's Office Welcomes You

Areas Covered by Potter County:



Forest City


West Whitlock

Dodge Draw


South Whitlock

Bob's Resort 

Potter County Sheriff's Office

Mailing Address:  201 S Exene St, Gettysburg, South Dakota

Phone Number: 605-765-9405

Fax Number: 605-765-2412 

Emergencies: 911

Email: sdpcso@venturecomm.net

All Emergency calls and after-hours business calls / dispatches are re-routed through a regional dispatch center in Mobridge, South Dakota. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Potter County Sheriff's Office is to work collaboratively with the community to protect human life,  prevent crime and disorder, pursue all felons, solve related problems, reduce fear of crime and enforce the laws according to the U.S. Constitution & South Dakota Codified Laws, serve all wits and warrants of the court,  in order to provide a safe and secure environment for all citizens of this great county.